Why a Painting is the best Art to buy [Ultimate List 2019]


“Why do people buy Art?” or “Why is Art even important?”

Do you ask yourself questions like these, or just want some solid reasons to show to people who keep saying Art is useless junk?

Well look no further:

Because in about 10 minutes from now, not only will you be convinced that art is important and also be armed and ready with a bulletproof list of reasons why…

But also, why getting a Painting is the best type of Art to get for both the Home and Business.

So after scouring the internet and asking real people… I can give and guarantee you that this is the Ultimate List of Reasons Why You Should Get a Painting.

Plus, some of these points will even shock you, and make you rethink reality itself.

So if you’re ready for this mind blowing change, then let’s dive right in!





Paintings can form powerful bridges to those distant memories that are; either right at the edge of being forgotten forever, or those that are just really difficult to remember again without a memory trigger.

Every time you look at or remember a Painting (or any work of art really), you are instantly linked back to things that thou, may be gone from the present they still live on in your memories.

That’s because art helps reconnect memories, whether those attached to it by the artist themself, or ones you associated to it on your own.

Whatever the reason you were first drawn to that art to begin with, you can relive that spring of Happiness, Appreciation, Inspiration or internal Peace that comes with the memory it brings.

Paintings are even more powerful for doing this due to their more visual and easy to install nature.

For the Home, this could simply be that painting of a cat when every time you pass by, it reminds you of your first pet. Those happy times from your youth that you now learn to cherish, that reminds you of how quickly time passes by. This helps you to appreciate life and every moment it brings with it a little bit more.

For a Business, this can be the one thing letting people remember you due to that positive experience they had from the art in that building or room, that they now link back to you.




In a world of Mass productions, Clones, Rip offs and Fakes. Why wouldn’t you want to add something Genuine and Unique to your home or office space?

With a Painting, you can literally see each layer that builds up, and feel the textured surface formed from layers of dried paint…

Notice how each detailed brush stroke of different sizes and forms, and every splash of vivid color onto the canvas adds new depth…

And like a child that you pour in your love and care to nurture into an adult, a painting is sculpture crafted with the human hands of a passionate artist, until every added touch builds up to create a living Masterpiece.

Original paintings have a sense of touchable and unique human quality. And anything unique has some high value to it because there’s only one of it in existence. Even if another painting is similar, they’re never truly the same down to the finest details.

This can never be compared to the plain, frictionless and boring feel of prints. They only look pretty, but don’t offer that level of depth that seems to pop off a wall, like a painting does. Make a great first impression that doesn’t just rub off after a few seconds of looking, but one that sticks.

So let’s set the record straight.

Original doesn’t mean creative. It means one of a kind.

So instead of having that same Ocean Scene print on your wall as the next five neighbours stacked side to side from your home. Own the only living version of an artwork that exists and will ever in the universe and beyond.

Set yourself apart from the copycats and show people that you have a taste of your own. Make your home your own, and finally add that ‘HomeMade’ touch grandma talks about so much.

So you can decide. Do you want to decrease the value of your home by adding a Cheap, Machine made print, or something genuinely valuable?

And for Business places, what message are you sending people when as far as the eyes can see, there’s nothing but cheap prints and plastic artifacts hung on your walls and all around on display?

You’re definitely not telling them that you offer high quality and extraordinary service.

What you’re telling people is that you’re completely the same as the other competitor down the street. You offer the same downgraded, slack services and experience as them. So if you didn’t like them, then you’re most certainly not going to like us…So good riddance!

And that’s the last you’ll ever see them again.

So when you buy Original Paintings, you’re getting the Real Deal. Which brings us into our next point.


Art for Resale


Unlike your phone or flat screen tv that depreciates in value at depressing and high rates. And I’m talking 50% in that short span of only six months of use.

A Painting will probably double in price.

Art appreciates instead of depreciates. This Increases their value over the years, and especially if the artist becomes famous or dies.

So years later, when you’re relocating. Those paintings that you decide to sell at your garage sale will be higher in value than what you had bought them for.

Look ahead to when you’ve reached the end of a journey with your business, and have to let go of those precious artworks. You could make your very own Art fair or Auction, or Donate them to Museums and Galleries to claim tax deductions.

If that’s not called making money, then I don’t know what is.




Paintings have that somewhat magical ability to teleport the viewer either into that mythical world displayed in the painting, or as stated above, that positive memory it brings back.

So take a journey away from the rush and harsh reality of the present, and into one flooded with sympathy and a breathtaking view.

Stop the clock, and let’s focus on the window into another world…

Enjoy the sunny and wide open seascape of a distant beach far off the mediterranean, or that windy and dusty desert of Egypt. Imagine the sounds of the birds in the luscious green jungle flopping above our heads, or the sounds of penguins at the icy cold blue oasis of the antarctic.

Offer entertainment to visitors without falling victim to using the same boring conventional television. Turn that boring guest room in your home into something more unique, by adding a calm and reflective scenery to compliment your supper and tea.

So that when they leave, they’ll say “Wow, that was refreshingly different.” Because sometimes the most subtle experiences offer the most impactful entertainment.

In the workplace, how about giving employees an escape from the present stress and workload without having to leave their office or turn to their addictive smartphone?

Even if it’s all in your mind, and last only a few seconds. No one can say it doesn’t count because you didn’t physically go there.

What counts is that refreshing feeling you get when it’s time to start that clock again.


Make a statement


In a world of free speech and limitless ways of expressing ourselves. A lot of people like to ‘make a statement.’

Just as how we surround ourselves with certain types of music, or the types of clothes we choose to wear. The type of art we indulge our surroundings with can do exactly that.

Portray a message, theme or story. A picture truly say a thousand words. Sometimes these are words only visuals can express.

See a person through someone else’s eyes, with a portrait done by an artist. How certain parts are exaggerated or detailed. It’s like painting that person’s personality or soul as it appears on the outside.

Show people that you just really like boats on the sea, by adding a painting in almost every room in your home. Or that you value your family, by having a painted portrait of each member hung in your hallway adorned with fancy frames.

Promote your brand with the type of paintings you display. Whether you choose vibrant colors to send the message that you value Creativity and Fun. Or something more deep, technical and detailed to symbolize precision, trust and safety.

Add a powerful statement to any room through either art that uses words to display a message, or ones that cause the viewer to create their own take.

Express your values, identity, or a message through art. Show a different side of you, whether it be the obvious or one you keep hidden away from the outside world.


Transform your space


Your home is your world, and your office is your home away from home.

The difference between this world and the one we live in, is that you control it. You don’t have to listen to other people’s opinions, deal with laws or follow someone else’s rules.

And what better way to show this, than to transform it exactly the way you want it.

Believe me, nothing can transform a room like Art can.

Paintings make great color pallets, and are a meaningful way to tie your design together into something more professional and stylish.

Set up a painting as a focal point when people enter a room or space (Contrasting colors), and seek the attention from every visitor to your home. Or choose one that blends in or ties all the colors together (Complimenting colors).

Turn that tired workspace into something more uplifting. Create space you’ll be proud to be associated with.

Make a small room bigger, or a large one cosier. Add personal character to the home or office.

Plus, you don’t need to hire an interior designer. Choose a painting that resonates with you or your company’s values, and plan your design from there.

Everyone wants to have an exciting life filled with meaning and is not boring, so why not make your walls display that as well?


Feel something


When colors and talent aren’t the reasons to choose an artwork. Choose one that makes you feel something.

Art that inspires, makes you happy or makes you smile. Ones that warm your heart and make you feel all ‘fuzzy’ inside.

So stop fussing over the colors not matching.

Besides, looks aren’t everything. It’s the impact it leaves, and how you feel that matters.

Like art, life is filled with many colors. You have those bright, colorful and beautiful moments, and then there’s the dark and ugly.

Any painting can add a new energy to a room or space. So whatever feeling it is that you want to attach will decide the art you should choose.

If you want to add a little life and happiness to that baby nursing room, try adding a colorful and playful abstract.

Want a more luxurious and wealthy feel to your meeting room? Add a detailed and serious grand portrait with a luxurious golden frame finish.

Are your employees stressed or feeling drained? Get art that relaxes and refreshes the mind, and make powerful energy boosters. Cause the people in your office to be in a good mood all day.

When you increase employee satisfaction, well-being and productivity in your Business, you therefore increase the level of efficiency and the quality of service you offer your customers.

Change a room from being just a functional environment into living space.

Art is just one of the many ingredients in life for empowering the hearts of people. Art helps connect us to humanity, life and the living. It helps promote positive vibes thus making life more enriching.

People like feeling things, rather than feeling nothing at all. It’s the reason we will reread that romance book or re-watch that funny movie.

They stimulate our emotions. They help remind us that we’re still alive, and that there’s still much to life…

To keep moving on.


Health & Wellness


Being surrounded by things you love and that makes you happy can stimulate positive mental health.

Talk about the psychology of visual pleasure.

Looking at art can be a form of therapy, just as how making it can. So for those moments when you feel dry or demotivated, art can inspire, open your eyes to appreciation and enlightenment.

Help fight depression by focussing your thoughts and mind on something more uplifting and breathtaking. Something that makes you happy you’re alive just to experience its beauty.

A painting can give you a sense of calm and relaxation. Bring a sense of rebalance by doing something different from the ‘Everyday’, when you take the moment to appreciate and understand an artwork.

Change the focus in a room, and make your interviewee less nervous. A painting can help channel the energy in a room onto something else, and can give your eyes something meaningful to look at while you think.


Occupy the mind


Tired of reading boring and outdated magazines, or filling out that puzzle book while waiting on your appointment?

Or how about listening to that stale music soundtrack over and over, while unintentionally defecting your hearing in the long run?

Well if you also hate the sound of the above, then why are you forcing your visitors to go through with this torture as well?

Wouldn’t it be more fun to look at different worlds right in front of you?

With a Painting, instead of reading predefined chunks of text, you decide for yourself what you’re looking at.

It’s fun and you don’t have to feel compelled to understand everything you’re taking in.

They only have to stare at it. Plus it won’t bite and it aint shy.

So do guests to your home or visitors to your business a favour, by giving them a different and surprisingly pleasant way to pass their time.


Meaningful Investment


When you choose to invest in Original art, you’re not just investing in the artist. You’re also investing in the paint manufacturer, the art teacher, and every single person of interaction in that artist’s life line that enabled them to create that piece of artwork.

Plus your investment doesn’t only mean monetary reward to an artist.

It’s also motivational, and encourages them to make more, since they feel their effort is being valued and appreciated.

It brings that feeling you get when you do something for someone and they show that genuine appreciation for it.

Paintings are also one of those things we humans spend our time and effort to craft to perfection, only to give it away, so it can bless someone else’s life.

For most artists, it’s an act of pure selflessness.

Artists have chosen to use their talent to create masterpieces to bless other people’s lives, instead of choosing something easier, illicit, or hiding their talent for a more contemporary and appraised occupation.

These are works made by living human beings, rather than machines. Plus buying locally made original artworks help support your economy.

So behind every act of purchasing an artwork, is an artist, people and the heart of an economy being supported.




There’s a thing about associating Paintings with the Wealthy and being a sign of Success.

Just like in those rich people’s mansions in those ‘old day movies.’ We always see the fanciest furniture, architecture, and of course, that grand hall of royal family portrait paintings.

Now the question is, why not get photos instead of paintings?

It’s simple…

A painting is the fancy and rich version of a photo.

Just like the other fancy items, they help add more wealth and depth to your living space. Hence the term ‘Luxury items’ that’s usually applied to paintings.

As mentioned already, anything handmade is more valuable than anything made by machines.

Plus, getting originals that someone took their time and effort to personally craft every detail, not only shows taste, but also says that this person appreciates genuine craftsmanship.

This can also how that you’re a genuine person since you like genuine things. So you’re no fake.

It’s like that display of wealth that impresses and awes people with an epic presence when they step in expecting to see your home, and instead see a ‘Palace.’

So if you want your home or business place to display a Wealthy Status, adding original paintings is a great start.




Break the ice in those awkward stiff social situations by giving people an opportunity to start meaningful, passionate and unforced conversation.

Great art stimulates a story to be told. And there’s one behind every painting.

Whether it’s from the artist themself, or your own take.

Everyone likes a good story. And this is a great way to start off a conversation with a light topic, instead of dulging straight into the serious business stuff.

So kick start dialogue without having to do anything, when you install a painting in your home or office today.


The Collector at heart


Do you know what they call a collection of junk?

-A trash pile. (*cough, not funny)

Anyways, when you personally select each unique piece of art to put in your collection, this creation is art in itself.

Sure you may not have created the stuff in the collection, but the fact that you personally chose those pieces to create a unique and one of a kind collection, truly is art.

Like hand picking items from your wardrobe to make up an outfit. Or choosing which color of beads to use in your necklace. You make a creation of your own.

Plus, it’s fun and rewarding when you find just the perfect piece to add to your collection. Decide from the right size, color, surface texture and emotional impact you get from an original painting.

And there’s no such thing as good or bad art. It depends solely on your personal opinion. A painting that you instantly connect with may not do the same to someone else.

Because buying art is personal.

Especially for young people, it helps you learn your taste and find out more about yourself.

So whatever it is that you discovered about yourself, whether it be your favorite painting style or that you have a good sense of humor. You can let the word know this as well.

Plus, becoming a part of the ownership chain of a painting, and so becoming a part of that painting’s history will make as an interesting fact about yourself during those dreadful self introductions.

So start building up an art collection to display at home, or have a mini art gallery at your business place. It can make a great hobby and community building activity.

So get other people involved.


Stimulates constructive thinking


Train the mind while it’s still young.

Just as how you can train the mind while doing things like puzzles and solving complex brain teasers. Analyzing an artwork can create that same effect.

Art has a way of challenging the mind, and letting us question reality and what’s beyond that…What’s possible from what’s not, and the limits of the human capability, as you ponder on how the artist achieved a certain result.

Appreciate the complexity of a piece and engage in active reflection, get a fresh perspective, stimulate new ideas, and improve or develop your judgmental skills.

Practice seeing things in a different perspective, like how a child’s face transforms into something unpleasant when they cry and throw a tantrum in the supermarket.

See how the artist expresses his or her take on this. How does this look to the people passing by? What’s the first impression that they form?

Question reality. Like why do shadows work the way they do?

See the world in a different way, appreciate every aspect and detail in everyday life.

Start noticing the things we take for granted, usually overlook or don’t take the time to realize, until someone else who has done that represents it in their artwork.

Improve your attention to detail and learn how to think simple. Notice the simplicity in every detail to create a complex and overwhelming artwork. Notice the smaller pictures that make up the larger one.

Train yourself to filter out the distractful world, and focus on the small and hidden things.

Learn to appreciate how the tiniest of things can have a huge impact. This can impact how you choose to make meaningful decisions as you apply this thinking to your business.

Appreciate the ingeniousness of the human mind, to create something so breath-stopping and mind puzzling…

Appreciate the brilliance of the creator through the ability of the artist, to create such an amazing art.


Good for the Kids


In this digital age, where intangible but priceless things like emotions and memories are being tossed aside for more tangible ones like costly and materialistic objects…

Is a sign the perception of value is being lost to this new generation.

Owning original art in the home, can help children to develop an appreciation for the ‘man made’ in the ‘Age of the Machines.’ Especially when you buy from local artists, you help bring a sense of gratitude to home.

Teach children to not always look to the ‘digital screens’ for inspiration, awe and enjoyment.

Art can help stimulate creativity and fun in children from an early stage, by letting them engage in creative thinking, daydreaming, allow their minds to wonder and use their imagination.

It’s no wonder Art has been loved since the early ages of history. From the stone age onto the present.

And it’s certainly not dying.


Because you can


What’s it like to own an original painting you ask?

Well, you’ll never know the feeling until you have one for yourself.

But it’s also true that you’ll never know what you missed, until the opportunity is gone.

Life has so many wonderful experiences to offer, some of which even require risks.

Buying an original painting is a personal experience, that practically anyone can have.

So stop listening to nonsense like, “Paintings are only for the super rich, the super old or a selected few.”

You can find affordable art almost anywhere, and in so many variety that you’re guaranteed to find one that connects.

So finally add or cross one more item off your bucket list.


Positive Enjoyment that lasts


How many things can you enjoy that seem to last forever, or doesn’t have a negative effect in some way?

Still thinking about it aren’t you?

Just think about it.

Being on the computer and your phone uses electricity, which contributes to Global Warming. Plus it’s such a bother when the battery runs out.

Eating junk food too often can cause serious health and self-esteem issues. And what happens when the food is all done?

Enjoying art? …Absolutely nothing.

You can enjoy a painting for as long as you want, with as many people, and it won’t deplete nor decrease in value.

And who doesn’t like less work?

Paintings are easy to maintain, unlike our smartphones that seem to be attracted to the floor, why it drops every so often. Or those fancy gadgets and devices that seem to have being replaced or updated very often built into their design.

But how can you destroy a painting when all you need to do to enjoy it is look at it? Plus, cleaning off dust and debris only takes a few seconds.

Paintings are true testers of time.

They will last longer and move through generations of your family or Organisation. They become a legacy worthy to be passed down.


The Art of Giving



Now, let’s pause for a moment.

Just think about all the great reasons stated above about why ‘You’ should get a painting.

But do you know what’s even better than getting something for yourself?

It’s getting something for someone else.

When they see your painting, they’ll remember the memory that comes with the cause. It could be the happy moments from their wedding day, all their old friends from the company they retired from, or that 100th birthday celebration.

Plus, since original paintings are unique, this means no one else will ever give that person the exact same gift you did. It’ll add something unique to that person’s home, which makes it all the more valuable.

This will ensure that they remember you as that great friend to have given them something so purposeful and meaningful.

A painting will make the perfect valuable and emotional gift for almost any occasion.


Because you fell in love


Just like being lucky enough to be that one person out of all the people in the world, to have that perfect guy or girl in your life.

Being able to own that painting that you connected with after just one glance, or the one that captured your full attention, is just like that.

It’s all about knowing that you’ve got something great, and that no one else in the world can ever have it.

And this my friend, is the most important reason to buy any piece of art, including a painting.


Now that you’ve stuck around to the end of this Over-Four-Thousand-Words post, I bet you can now agree with me that this is not only the Ultimate List of reasons why to get a Painting, but are now convinced that art is an important part of life.

But this Ultimate List would be completely USELESS without this…

So now that I’ve given you all the reasons in the world to want a painting, I’m going to make your life a whole lot easier.

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