What’s your Painting Preference? [fun quiz] 2019

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First, let’s start off with a simple Definition.

What is the meaning of Painting Preference?

Painting or Art preference is the extent to which individuals like or dislike different styles of paintings.

Now that you know the meaning, it’s your turn tell me about your Painting Preference…

You: “…………..”

…Don’t know how or where to start, or are you insecure about your answer?

You’re not sure what you will like, or how to explain yourself if someone wanted to get a Painting done for you?

The thing is…

Even if you figured this out years ago, things like tastes change with time, and you need to be sure about this for the present.

Even worse:

Hunting for that perfect painting for your home or business can be a daunting process. So you need this answer to make more efficient use of your time, especially if you’re thinking about starting your own art collection.

Good news:

This Quiz is exactly what you need. Know exactly which wing in the art gallery to head to first, and go there with confidence when you know where to begin. Plus, get to discover something new about yourself.


There is no right nor wrong answer, nor final score at the end. This is more of a test of questions to force you to look within yourself to answer aspects about Paintings.

Questions majorly follow this pattern:

There are usually two questions per Attribute.
The first questions asked help you to understand the Attribute. This enables you to correctly answer the second question on how you feel about Paintings with this Attribute.

tip graphicTip : Think carefully and select your answer. There’s no rush nor competition here!

Expected time to complete is about 10 minutes.

If all sounds good, then let’s start!