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This is where You get to decide what we paint for You.

It’s perfect for :

Photorealistic Paintings based off photos you submit to us

>> Portrait of your family members, friends or business partners’ photo

>> Group photo of important people or events

>> Cat, Dog or your precious Pet photos

>> Still life compositions like that of flowers from your garden, or that scenery from your beach house

Imaginative Composition Paintings based off other types of source images ( e.g. sketches/ drafts/ sample image(s) of concepts or elements to be in your painting)

>> Themed Paintings to portray an intended message or concept to viewers

>> Paintings created from merging different elements from separate source images

Intro to Series codes

What are series codes:

We may group paintings that have a similar general concept, and categorise them under what we call ‘series codes.’

Why you may need them:

Series codes are optional, and help you to explain your idea to us when creating your brief for a Custom Painting. By choosing to use one or several in your brief, you are therefore referring to all similar paintings that fall under that category without the additional work of writing this out.

This also helps us (The Artists) to have a better idea of what you want, material budget and a better insight in order to provide constructive feedback based on our experience from doing similar works.

Please see our list of series codes along with links to view works in that group below:

N.B. New Series codes may be periodically added to the list below.


Series code Series description Link to view collection
The Walk People Walking link
Portrait Portraits link
Flowers Flowers link

Please see below example of how to use series codes in your brief, if you choose to do so.

Series code [ Portrait ] , source image [ My daughter’s graduation photo ], but I want you to add flowers on the bottom left hand side of the painting- please see source image of the blue flowers I would like you to add [ photo of blue flowers ]

What to expect

After the successful submission of your brief to us using the form on this page

Watch for an email response from us notifying the receipt of your brief

Following will be an additional email regarding the calculated down payment fee based on the particulars stated in your brief, and conditions outlined for the time period of you working with us that (i) must be agreed to by you (ii) and payment received in our accounts before any work can begin

Updates on progress will be made to you via the medium of your choice that allows us to share progress photos (Email or Whatsapp)

Once the artwork is completed and we have calculated the final cost of the painting based on final hours and other conditions, we will issue an invoice in which you are expected to pay the final price LESS the previous down payment stated earlier

Final artwork will only be released for shipment/ delivery upon full payment of outstanding fees


All source images you submit to us for reference must not have any copyright restrictions! You must be the original owner or the image is safe for use ( Creative commons license /free to use/ replicate / for commercial use etc. )

We will not be held responsible for any infringement of the Law regarding copyright, due to the source images you submitted to us

Please review the terms in our FAQS & Terms of Use pages for more information including but not limited to : Cancellation & Refunds, Expected delivery times and Payment methods we allow.

Filling out this form

When creating your brief please be as specific and thorough as possible. Include things like painting description, series codes, dimension and specifics, deadline if applicable, and you can attach files or images as needed.

** Submit your brief using either the form below, or send it to us via Whatsapp.


** This service is not always open, and we may change or update the content of this page and the service itself at anytime. Conditions apply

** We do not encourage plagiarism of other artist’s designs, (i) make sure to clearly expound on your design so that it is results in an original end product as possible (ii) or the final artwork submitted to you will be altered at our (The artist’s ) sole discretion to create something unique while also giving you what you want, as applicable.

Custom Painting Form